Thursday, October 13, 2011


I have to say that healing is a pain.  Well the pain is from the fact that a chunk of my shoulder is missing but again it is a pain that I can live with knowing that it means that the Melanoma is gone.  But the good thing is that the pain means that the process of healing has started and I hope that I don't need to go back for anymore.  I will have a bunch of follow ups with the Dr's and they will keep me posted on the results but as of now I am cancer free and that is fine with me.  All I have to say is that day time tv is not good and I will have to have Jessie show me how to order NetFix on the tv so the day will go by better as I sit here.  Tonight Maddie has a swim meet and I am going to try to go and watch her as long as the pain is good.  Well maybe I will take a few extra pain meds and then the swim meet might even be more fun.  Well here is to healing.  Later..

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