Thursday, October 27, 2011


Been busy running here and there the last few days.  On Tuesday it was ride and catch up on a few things around the house as Nate works at Rays on Sunday and Monday night so he does not get a ride after his races on Sundays.  So was a few intervals and open the legs back up.  Then yesterday was cross practice for Nate and he looks forward to going to the practice but has said that the turn out has gotten lighter each week but he will still keep going till he is the only one there.  Also a thinks to Steve for taking Nate and Simon out for dinner after practice as he really enjoyed it.

I had a quick ride as I had to get out to Tosa West for a swim meet as Maddie had to swim 1 event as she has conference swim meet this weekend and I think she is in 3 events hence the fact that she only swam in 1 last night.  Maddie was the anchor in a 200 yard freestyle that took a 2nd place.  They were in 4th when she took to the water and made up a lot of distance to gather the 2nd place.  On Saturday I think Maddie is in the Melody relay and then the 100 yard backstroke and the 100yard freestyle.  So we are hoping for some good races.  Then next week she has the sectionals and I think it will be the same events and maybe one more.  But wow what a fast and fun year of swimming for her.

Jessie got a hamster last night as I finally gave in.  One of her classmates was selling it as they were tired of it and were moving on to a different pet.  So I gave in as they were giving a complete set up with it and I figure I have taken care of their fish, turtles, hermit crabs why not a rodent now.  But it should be fun and the kids are having fun with it for now and I will take over in a few days when it wears off I guess. So that is what is happening around here and see you at the races and the pool.  Later..

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