Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Clear sailing

My new bigger longer scar from the nice Dr today that he left me after removing the rest of the Melanoma.  This is a scar that I can live with, thanks Doc.  

I had a appointment today with a cancer specialist to go over options for my Melanoma.  He said that the pathology report stated that the Melanoma was only 2.1 mm deep meaning that we caught it in the early stages and that he was able to cut more skin and muscle away in the medical center and remove all of the Melanoma.  Since it was still between the 2 - 4 mm we did not have to have the lymph nodes tested or any of the scans to see if it spread as he said there was less then a 1% chance that it did spread.  So the Dr asked if I minded if he did right away and we got it over with.  I said lets do it and we did and now I am relaxing as I know that the pain is going to kick in soon and Cece is at her haircut and the prescription for pain meds is at Walgreens till she gets home.  I can wait and who knows as I may not even take any if the pain starts anyhow.  The other good thing is I have off from work till Monday and I also have a lot of restrictions for lifting things, no raking, lawn mowing, no vacuuming, oh the fun that  am getting out of.  But the good thing is that I am now cancer free again.  Later..

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