Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fork in the road

 Mole that was removed and found to be Melanoma.

What it looked like after I was sliced to remove it.

So I went the Dr the other day as I was concerned about a spot on my fore head that had gotten darker and a little bigger then I had liked.  Cece and I had also become alittle concerned about a mole on my shoulder that was becoming irregular in shape.  So I went in on Friday and the dermatologist looked at the spot on the fore head and said that was just a spot that the sun made stand out mire and the treatment was to freeze it and that would take care of it.  But the one on the shoulder was causing him some concern and he said at first that he wanted to do a biopsy and can back to the room 2 minutes later saying no biopsy that he wanted to remove the spot.  So Monday I went back and the Dr froze the spot on the fore head and then cut out the spot on the shoulder and sent it in for a check asap on the results.  Well yesterday I got the results and it was Melanoma and now I have to see some specialist Dr's to first get the rest of the area removed and then check to see if the cancer has spread to any other places.  Just hope that it is localized and that I only have to have more of the area removed but I guess I will do what ever they say and go from there.  I will keep you posted.  Later..

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