Thursday, October 06, 2011

Catch up time

 Nate taking the hole shot on Sunday before fading away later to 11th place.

 Nate taking a off camber turn down the hill.

 Nate running up the big hill before he started to ride it and found it faster riding then running it.

 Nate riding the hill later in the race.

 John showing me all the trails at Lowes Creek in Eau Claire.  Man was that a blast riding Monday.

 John showing me some new trail called Northwest Park in Eau Claire on Tuesday.

 John again leading me on some sweet trails Tuesday.

Maddie at here swim meet yesterday.

So after sitting on my butt all day on Monday and Tuesday John showed me some extra trails at Lowes Creek park.  That was a blast to ride the trails that we race on and then ride so many other ones and the race course in the opposite direction.  Those trails are I think great in the other direction then the race direction.  Then on the Tuesday we went to a new park called Northwest Park and rode around there for a few hours.  Thanks John for the great riding.

Then on Wednesday I got home in time to watch Maddie swim at New Berlin West.  She was on the Medley relay race and was first with the back stroke, she was leading and then kicking off the wall her feet slipped and she lost a little bit of the time but held her own.  Then in the 100 meter back she won her race by 7 plus seconds, she was flying and looked strong through out her race. And then her last race was the 100 meter fly and she was the anchor leg and she made up most of the time that some of her team mates lost to finish 3rd.  I am really happy that she is enjoying swimming and so glad that she went out for the swim team, just wish she did 2 years ago.  But better late then never.

Tonight was a great night for a night ride with a bunch of great people.  I just wish I had a few more minutes to get there and get ready as traffic getting there had me just a few minutes before the ride took off.  But I got there and only had them wait a few minutes and then it was riding.  The trails were perfect and the temps made the ride so enjoyable that I could have ridden all night.  Have to try and fit a few more night rides in before the weather changes.  Later..

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