Monday, October 03, 2011

After the crash in the Jr race the day before Nate decided to just race the cat 3 race as his hand was still hurting.  He had a good start and hand the hole shot and on the hill run up he ran and Tim rode it.  Nate was able to hold the lead but slowly fell back in the field as the course a lot of punchy efforts and they took a tool on him. He slid back to 11th at the end.  He had a good race and the said he was still tired from the 2 races on the day before.  Thanks go out to the teams that put on 2 great races over the weekend as both were well run and both courses were fun to watch and race.

After the race it was off to Rays for Nate to work and me to ride for 6 hours. I have to say after standing for 2 days that my body was tired but the riding at Rays was fun and the changes were cool.  A few finishing touches when done should Make the riding more enjoyable when done.  Now I am on my way to Eau Claire for work and as always 3 days away put me a week worth of work behind at work and home.  Oh well just have to roll with it I guess.  The bad thing is I miss Maddie's swim meet tonight and hopefully I get home in time to make the swim meet on Wednesday night.  Oh well I hope the Teresa gets me there safe today and doesn't get a speeding ticket as we cruise along at 80mph on the way there.  Later..

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