Sunday, October 09, 2011

Cam Rock cross'n

 Start of the Jr race this morning.

 Nate and Garrett going for the hole shot.

 Nate in the lead with Garrett on his wheel.

 Nate and Garrett climbing the back side hill.

 Nate and Garrett coming through the finish area with a few laps to go.

 Nate and Garrett coming out of the woods to the barriers.

 Nate on the gas through the play ground.

 Nate and Garrett over the barriers for the last time.

 Nate for the win.

 Max of in the woods.

 Sam climbing the back side hill.

 Max coming through the play ground area.

 Max going out for the last lap.

 Max through the pines.

Max coming in through the finish line for the 3rd place finish.

It was another great day for a cross race.  Perfect temps at about 70 degrees at the start and sunny.  Nate took to the line and when the race was off he took the hole shot with Garrett on his wheel.  That is the way it was for the rest of the race as Nate kept the pace at a high enough tempo that he and Garrett just rode away from the rest of the field.  At the end Nate jumped the last straight and took the win with Garrett in 2nd and Max in 3rd.  Then it was load the bikes so we could get home so Cece could cut Nate's hair and he could have a early dinner and get to work at Rays.  I got the cana lilies cut yesterday and I dug the bulbs out today with the help of Jessie.  Maddie went to Pulaski pool and did a swim work out with a few of her team mates.    Oh well time to get a few other chores done and relax for the night.  Later..

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