Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Little Fish

Last night was another night of watching the St Francis/St Thomas More girls swim team.  The girls are all awesome swimmers and they are doing well.  Maddie had a good night as her 400 yard melody relay took a 3rd place and then her 200 yard freestyle relay took a 3rd place.  Then she swam her 50 yard freestyle and took a 2nd place, the timers tried to pull a fast one by timing one of their swimmers touching the wall first but the officials and coach Shannon caught the error and Maddie got her hard earned 2nd place.  Then Maddie had her 100 yard backstroke and to make sure that the timers did not try pull a fast one again she won the 100 yard backstroke by 8 seconds and was out of the water by the time the last few finished the race.  She is looking good and enjoying herself which is awesome.  I hope to make a few more swim meets and see her win a few more races.  Later..

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