Saturday, October 01, 2011

Cross Domes

 Nate taking the lead on the Jr start.

                                     Chris doing his magic to a racers bike at the race.

 Nate at the start of the cat 3 race.

 Nate coming past the pits in the cat 3 race.

 Nate wishing the race was over.

 Nate on a cruise thru the park.

 Nate coming around the tree along the pit.

Coming into the last lap.

Nate Had a good start in the jr race and then going into the 2nd turn he rolled his tubular off his front tire and hit the ground hard.  He got up and ran about half a lap to the pits and got his pit bike and started the chase. He was dead last of all the jrs including the 10-14 year olds.  He worked his way through all of them and then chased to about 10 seconds behind Gage in 4th to end up 5th.  He was banged up and hurt his hand pretty good to the point that his pinkie is starting to swell up and is hard to bend.  But he did toe the line for the cat 3 race and had a good race ending up 9th after burning a lot of matches to chase in the jr race.  Now it is time to recover and get some rest and get ready to race tomorrow.  After that it is of toe work for Nate at Rays and play time for me at Rays.  But after the race I got home and had to cut the grass and wash the truck and cars.  But the good thing was Cece had a great dinner ready once Nate and I got done with the car and truck washing. Later..

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