Saturday, October 08, 2011

Grafton Cross

 Nate on the front after the 1st lap.

 Nate over the barrier and up the hill.

 Nate going through the water.

Max going over the barrier.

 Garrett going over the barrier.

 Max through the water.

 Garrett going through the water.

My scene on my ride along Lake Michigan.

Today was the cross race in Grafton and Nate decided to just ride the Jr race as we have been in recovery mode for the last few weeks until we start to amp it up before the last few big races.  But in short Nate got the hole shot and stayed in the front till the end and took the win today.  Tonight Nate is staying with Max at their family place in Lake Mills.  So I have to just get to the Cam Rock race in time for Nate's race.  He has everything for the race but I do have to wash his kit so he has it at the race.  He does have a spare with him but he left his race numbers on his dirty kit so I have to get there with those for sure.  I watched the USGP race in Colorado as it looked like the USGP race here a few weeks ago.  Rain, cold and mud.  I am glad that I don't have to replace more stuff after another mud race.  Oh well time to relax as no one is home as Cece is still gone from her ride with some of her teacher friends, Maddie is at a bin fire, and Jessie is at a friends house.  I love the quiet house.  Later..

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