Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Today was a ride on the single speed with the Burley loaded with Jessica in it and Nate and Maddie following behind. Well Nate was always way ahead of us because Maddie has a steady easy pace and Nate is all out all the time. I have to say that Nate is good because he would go ahead and then come back and always encourage Maddie to keep trying harder. Well after a hour and a half we were home and it is nice to just ride easy every now and then. This weekend we are going to race the 12 hour at the kettles but as of now I don't know what Jerry is up for as it will be a little cool and he my just want to do 3 hour solo's or maybe a I can talk him into the 6 or 12 hour duo. If maybe we found 1 more person I know he would be up for a 12 hour team race. Are you up for it Ron? We could do the 12 hour with 3 guys. Tomorrow is the wheel group ride and that is always fun and a quick pace so that is good then rest then race. Have to get the kids ready and fold some clothes. Later..


RonSta said...

Sorry, but i'm doing the 6hr solo. Maybe talk to Lirette, he was going to do the 3hr but you might be able to talk him into doing a team. Thanks, see you this weekend.

Matt Gehling said...

This is Matt Gehling, a friend of Rons'. I was going to do 6 hr solo this weekend but a team might be more fun. What race were you going to do? My email is

Jay said...

Matt I'll call Jerry and see if he is still interested in the 12 hour.