Saturday, April 02, 2005


Riding with the wind. That is what the ride was today. There was a great tail wind on the way out and everyone was thinking that they were going to have a good and easy time. But then we turned and started going West and the wind turned to be a cross wind and the weak rider's were falling off and we had to regroup so Jeff didn't have to push and pull Bubba by himself. Everyone made the ride and it turned out to be a good pace and a real good ride. I have to say that burping cheap whiskey and Mickey's malt beer for the entire ride was not pleasant. I had a little more then I planned to drink last night but having Coop to drive the truck back was nice so I drank more then I should have. Washed the vehicles and cleaned my mountain bike and Cece's road bike too. Now I only have about 15 more bikes to clean and get ready for the race season. Cece's Mom came up and I went and got some Mexican food and we all ate like pigs now we are resting up for the B-day cake. She turns 75 today so I have 75 candles but I don't think that I can light them all before the first one burns down so 1 big one will have to do. Going to go and ride with Jeff and Sammy and the coyote team tomorrow and it is supposed to be a 70 miler so that should be a good ride. And most of all rest in peace Pope John Paul ll. Later..

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