Tuesday, April 19, 2005

80 oh yea

What another nice day. Although it was a little windy ok a lot windy when I rode south first. I was only allowed an hour to ride so I had to make the most of it. I did a ride into the wind for a 35 minutes along the lake and then I turned around. It only took 22 minutes to ride back home. I got home to get the kids and then shower and get Nate to softball practice. I really like watching the kids play sports as they don't care if they strike out or miss the ball. Nate is playing real well and is one of the better players and is playing first base right now as he can catch or stop most of the balls thrown to him. He can also hit well too so that is a bonus as many can't hit the ball to good. Cece had night class so the girls just played at the park and then when I got home I had dinner catered in from Mcdonalds down the block, I know not it's not good food but hey I have to make it as easy as possible some times. Got to go Jessica is over tired and having a melt down so time to get her in bed. Later..


RonSta said...

A salad and chicken nuggets, post ride din- McD's style. YUM!

Jay said...

No rabbit food, but 3 hamburgers and a large fry for me, and a BLT chix sandwich and fry for Nate and then the Chix nugget happy meals for the girls. Now that is good eating.