Sunday, April 17, 2005

Coffee stop

Today Jerry can up again and Nate and I went to crystal ridge and road some single track for 2 hours. We rode a first lap with Nate and then we said Nate Jerry and I are are going to do a few fast laps and we will meet you at the bottom of the Alpha trail. Jerry and I did 4 laps with him leading the 1st lap and then I lead for the next 3 and he wanted to chase. I went hard and made him chase and that he did as I know those trails like the back of my hand and was able to fly today. As we rode on I felt better each lap and they were getting faster and Jerry further back as he was running into trees trying to catch me. Nate was able to get 3 laps in to our 4 so he is riding real good, but he did lose a little energy at the end as Jerry and I did 2 extra laps on the top to finish off the day at crystal and he waited at the truck. We came home so Nate could spend the afternoon with a friend from school. We then took the girls for a ride to Allttera on the lake for some coffee and cookies. That was a 24.25 mile ride and Maddie rode well and never complained and rode the entire ride very well. Jerry pulled Mackenzie on a trail behind bike. That was a good day to ride for almost 4 hours some hard some slow but a great day on the bike in any case. I read Ron's site and the crazy man did a 100 mile rise by himself, call us I'll ride a easy 100 ride any time that is if you can ride it easy. I then did some yard work and got some other things done that you know always need to be done. Later..


RonSta said...

Sounds like you had a good day too. Are the trails in good shape? Look forward to doing the TT's in a couple weeks. Later

Jay said...

The trails were in the best shape that I have ridden in a long time. Soft in a spot or 2 but real good. There are a few spots in the area by the parking lot below that had some trees down but the area in the park and along the river were great.