Wednesday, April 13, 2005

4 walls

With Maddie still on antibiotics I'm giving her rest to get over her sickness. So Nate, Jordan and myself did a crit workout in the basement. I wish with the weather that I could have gotten to ride outside but it looked a bit windy and that always makes the rides a little more difficult. I would have had to hook up the burley to the single speed and ride with the kids but that always helps to make it more even and myself able to get a good workout. I'm looking forward to the time trials starting in the 1st week of May and getting the kids there to start racing. With Cece having night school it looks like we won't be doing the track workouts this year also Nate has softball those nights to. I will have to try to get Maddie down there on a weekend to try her track bike. If we can't get there on the weekend I will have to try to get her to ride it on the play ground or a parking lot. That should be fun to watch her the first few times as this will be her first time on a fixed gear. My mother is here to pick up Jessie to keep he rover night and watch her tomorrow so I have to get things ready. Later..

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