Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday in the saddle

Friday was a easy 14 mile ride with the kids on their mtn bikes around the park so Maddie could get used to it. It was fun and I think she will do alright when she races. Nate is just a goof ball and was jumping this mulch pile now that he has a few bmx skills. I tried but a team SID says that is not the right thing to do and I almost lost it so I won't be trying that again. Then like every Friday it was a great dinner by my parents. Today was a group ride from wheel and that was good as Joe showed up and we were pounding nails for awhile and our group of 9 was Joe off the front and 3 of chasing then 2 more then the rest. We waited at a school and regrouped and Joe was gone again and 3 of were chasing and then the rest were all over the place. We waited again and kept it togeether for awhile then the others said it was to fast and fell off. We finished the ride and Russ, Nate and I went for a mtn bike ride and it was a good ride for recovery and hard enough for Nate to feel the burn. I think he will be doing pretty good when racing starts. That made it 4 hours on the bike today so that was a good day. We got home and cleaned up and went next door for Clodeo's 2 year B-day party and some BBQ and tacos, oh and some good cake too. Tomorrow it's a kettle ride and then a ride in the afternoon with the family. And try to fit in some yard work also. Time to watch Monty Python's Holy Grail. Later

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