Friday, April 15, 2005


Today was a ride with the kids. I used to think how far should we go so the kids can make it home or that when will they complain that this is to far. But with the training this winter the last 2 Friday rides have been 14 last week and 17 today. Neither ride has anyone complained so it is good, but you have to remember that Maddie is 9 and Nate is 10 so that is really great that they ride that far and want to race. Today Maddie was following Jordan up a small hill and he stopped and Maddie ran into the back of him and as you know what goes up hill and then stops must go down hill. Maddie fell and took the big chain ring in the shin and now has a few big gouges and I hope it won't scar here leg. But she didn't cry and got back up so I happy and she still wants to ride. And then on the way home Jordan took the corner of a paved parking lot and hit a pedal and he went flying over the handle bars and landed on his head. He was wearing one of my spare helmets and got up and looked at the helmet and said thank you to me and the helmet and we went on. He really went flying but no problems I hope he felling ok tonight or in the morning. Tomorrow it's a ride from my house to the Wheel ride then a little more the home. It should be about 65 to 75 miles. Well time to go fold more clothes. Later..

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