Thursday, April 21, 2005

Group ride

Today was sit and listen to people talk about pest control for 7 hours. But hey it's nice to do something different from time to time. The group ride is getting bigger and faster every week as a few years ago it was like only 10 of us riding and now it has turned into about 35 plus every week. Today it was a 22 plus average which is good for this time of year and the stops we have to make. Only a few fell of the back this week so that is good since as it gets dark and we hate to have a couple of groups for the idiots on the road to pass. The ride was good and only had to do as much work as you needed so I sat in as many of the newbies were jumping from line to line so to stay safe sat back and drove the bus. Got done and came home right away as my parents were watching the kids and hadn't seen them in a week so had to visit with them to. Tomorrow a funeral for Cece's uncle and on Sat a first communion so have to see what riding I might get in if any. A couple of days off won't hurt either so we just have to see. Have to go. Later..

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