Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Kids day

Today with Cece at night school there was no time to fit in a ride unless I ride at 9:30 in the basement and honest I don't feel like it. Maddie was still sick so today was drop her off a my parents house so she could lay low a get better. I got home a got Nate and Jessie and then took Maddie her homework and Jessie wanted to stay there so Grandma said ok and the it was off to softball practice for Nate. I stayed there and helped out at practice and then we hit the ball after practice was over so no ride today. I have to say that a day off the bike is needed and if I don't do something else I will not take a day or 2 off so I know that I will be better by not trying to ride later. Tomorrow is a training day with the kids and I think will will either do a time trail or crit workout so the rest will work out perfect. My mother just called and said that they sold their house so that is good for them but I'm really bummed as I see them 5 or 6 days a week and they help us a lot with everything and the kids. I'm really going to miss them when they move upnorth. But as they said trying to pay for 2 of everything is not good and then trying to take care of 2 homes is getting old so I can't blame them and I'm glad that they are making it easier on themselves. Have to get going and get things done and the kids ready for bed. Later..

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