Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Hill repeats

Today Maddie, Nate and Jordan and I did hill repeats for our workout. I pulled Jessica in the Burley hooked up to the single speed. Nate was ready for the workout as he was flying up the hill and around the block to go down hill into the wind. He lapped us 2 times to do 14 applies to our 12. Nate doing real good and I can't wait to see him race the mountain bike as his skills are getting better every time we are out on the bikes. I stayed with Maddie and Jordan as they are much slower then Nate. I also didn't want to leave Maddie as she is working hard and I wanted to keep her moving and also there was cars also on the roads and she is not used to training on the roads as Nate is. I got a good workout on the single speed pulling the Burley and the group ride is tomorrow so it was enough so I'm not tired for the group ride. I got Maddie a pair of mitten bike shoes today and put a pair of time pedals on her bike and she had no problem getting in and out of them. Today Jordan road my spare mitten bike and had time pedals and he did alright but did fall over 2 times trying to get out of them. So a few more times on the pedals and they should have no problems. Friday we are going to do a sprint workout and I hope that the kids are ready for some structured workouts now that we are riding outside. Well off to check the kids home work and get them ready for bed. Later..

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