Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Flew by fast

Well the weekend went by fast as hell.  Friday and Saturday was the BMX track build out on Elkhorn so that as always is a fun time.  The gang that does the build is fun and top notch group of guys and a few gals that help too.  I think that everyone will like the track this year as there are some cool sections that everyone will like.  I was sore as always after shoveling, racking and moving dirt for 2 days.  Nate was home this weekend too for fall break and he and the girls along with Nate's friend Kyle went to a haunted house and from what they said it was pretty good and Maddie was in tears at the end.  Then on Saturday Nate and Kyle hit Rays mtn bike park while I worked building the BMX track.  After relaxing Saturday night the lids played games and watched Netflix.  Then on Sunday Nate and I hit Rays and meet some friends and jumped around for awhile before heading home and having dinner with the rest of the family.  Then it was back to work and Nate had to head back to school to load his mtn bikes on the trailer as the driver left for the Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships in New Mexico.  Nate flies there this week Wednesday and races over the weekend.  I hope that the Marian racers have a safe trip and safe and fast racing over the weekend.  Good Luck Marian racers.  Also I won a Ice Man entry thanks to Tom Held and onMilwaukee.com  I will use it proudly and hopefully do well.  Thanks Tom and OnMilwaukee.com.  Other then that I have been busy getting things done and getting ready for some bleacher butt as Maddie has 2 swim meets this week on Thursday and Friday.  Later..

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