Sunday, September 30, 2012

A little helping hand.

Maddie and I went to gas up her car and as I was gassing it up a lady was walking through asking if anyone had a jack that her husband could use to change a flat tire.  I did tell her that the one in the car was buried under cases of water in Maddie's trunk ( really it was ).  I then went in the store to buy some crap and on the way out I told her that I would run home and bring my floor jack and help them.  Maddie said I bet they thought I was not coming back,  but only being 4 blocks away I was back in no time.  I jacked the car up and then we changed the flat after he broke one of the nuts off the bolt.  They thanked me a million times and offered some money and I told them their thanks was enough and pay it forward.  Really how could I go home and sit on my ass and know that someone needed help to get home.  Now I need to have a bowl of ice cream and pack for my 3 day conference.  Later..

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