Sunday, September 09, 2012

Been a busy week

Been a busy week and it has had me riding once since Tuesday.  Maddie had a swim Meet on Wednesday at Cudahy and it was her first time swimming the 500 meter freestyle.  She did good once she stopped and got her goggles back on.  Good thing that it was long race and she was able to get going and then catch and take the lead and go on to win her race.  Nice to see her keep her composure and still roll.  Then she also did good in her other events and I think took a 2nd and then  2nd in the relay too?

Then it was the South Milwaukee relays yesterday.  Her first relay took a 2nd but was disqualified for 1 of the swimmers leaving early.  Then her other relay took a 5th and then the last relay she was on took a 3rd.  It was a nice meet and she swam great.

Today was a nice ride on the Des Plains trail in Illinois.  Got a nice 55 miles in on the gravel and it was a nice way to sweat out the PBR's from last night.  We also ran into Brad while on the ride and he rode back with us.  What a perfect day for a ride as the weather was ideal and the trails were also, not dusty this time.  Now it is time to get the legs up and relax.  Later..

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