Saturday, February 16, 2013

going no where fast

Picture taken by Sam.

Nothing new going on except that the bmx racing and gate practices are taking up the time with this weather. I have been going to the races and last weekend was a good weekend as I took a 2nd place in the cruiser race and then a win on the 20 inch bike.  I have felt better each week on the little bikes as always just when the indoor season ends and then the road and mtn bikes take over.  One of these years I am going to take the entire year and race the little bikes and see how that goes.  May have to do it soon as I am not getting any younger.  But today there is racing at if anyone is interested in coming out and watching any racing with the weather being so cold.  But any how here is where I will be this weekend.  See you there as I will be going in circles on some cool dirt.  Later..

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