Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Pictures taken by Sam.

This last weekend was another weekend that went by so fast it seems like a month ago already.  But on Saturday Maddie, Jessie, Jeremy and myself went to the Wrestling State Championships in Madison.  As always it was nice to see Wade and talk to him a little as he was real busy running the tournament.  But I do have to say it was cool to watch the kids wrestle and put it all out there trying to take the top step.  The real hard thing is trying to remember 31 years ago and myself on the top step  and being a Wrestling State Champ.  Wow am I old.  But in any case it was a cool night watching the wrestling again.  Thanks Wade.

Then on Sunday it was more bmx racing at the Waltworth bmx track.  I raced both the cruiser and 20 inch again and took a 2nd place in both classes.  Sometimes you win them and sometimes you tap the brakes.  I have to say the guys that I race are a blast and I enjoy it every weekend.  Well I hope to maybe move up 1 more spot one of these weekends.  Well see you at the track.  Later..

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