Tuesday, March 05, 2013

DePauw races from the weekend

We decided on Friday that we would drive to Indiana to watch Nate race over the weekend.  We were hoping for a little warmer weather but that was not the case.  We drove through some snow on the way there and then for the road race on Saturday they were racing in some snow showers for 72 miles.  Cece and Jess were in the car with Coach Nate from Marian following the Mens A race and then were asked to be the lead car for the womens race as there was a break and then no lead car for them.  Lucky them as they were in the warm car and I stayed back and was in the feed zone to do bottle hand ups for the women and men from Marian.  What a fun time. The Marian women blasted for the win and then 3,4 also.   Then the men also took several top spots too.  Then we went to the ttt and the men and women teams won both of those to.  After the races we went back to Indy and went out to eat to a cool restaurant before heading back to catch some sleep before  the races on Sunday.  We got to the races to catch some of the other teammates race and then watch the women's race and they again took the win and the other top spots.  Then it was time to catch Nate's race.  The first few laps were real fast and several guys tried to get a break and then several got away and they stayed away for the rest of the race.  Nate was active and covered several attempts of others to get away before a group of 5 got away and then they all blew up when Alex took off on them and the field was able get the others before the finish and Nate was able to pull a 15th place finish after the work he was doing during the races on both days.  We were so happy that we went to the races and hope to catch a few more later this spring.  Now back to the snow and bmx racing for me.  Later..

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