Monday, March 11, 2013


Pictures of me racing thanks to Sam.

Nothing really went on that was interesting during last week except that I had to shovel again.  But over the weekend myself,  Maddie and Jessie and I went to the Rock Sports complex to check out the winter carnival.  It was warm and raining off and on so the snow was crappy and slow but it was still fun to go and check it out.  The girls went tubing and sat back and watched as I did not want to with my luck hurt myself.  After that it was chill at home and sew all of Fixxies damaged toys before bed.  On Sunday it was more bmx racing and as always close but a spot away from winning.  I took  2nd in cruiser and a 3rd in the 20 inch.  Have to go back this weekend and try again for the win.  Other then that Nate is on spring break in Tennessee riding with the Marian Cycling team riding in the mountains somewhere.  I hope he is having fun.  Maddie has to decide where she wants to go to college and hopefully we can do that in the next few days.  Later..

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