Thursday, March 21, 2013

Some fun racing over the weekend

Cool pictures taken by Sam.

Over the weekend I raced at the barn on both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday was a double point race and then on Sunday was the Red Line Qualifier.   On Saturday I took a 3rd in both the cruiser and the 20 inch races.  Then on Sunday I went to the Kenosha Velosport teams race in Silver Lake to check it out and help Ian get ready for his first race.  Man was it cold out there and I have to give props to Ian for racing his first road race in that cold.  He was a tad nervous but in no time the race started and he looked good coming past.  In the end he took a solid 2nd place and is looking forward to more road races.  After Ian was done I got in the car and headed to the barn for some bmx racing in the warm indoors.  Glad I did as I was frozen after watching Ian race.  There was a ton of racers at the barn as it was a triple pointer and we had a full rack in the 20 inch and 7 in the cruiser.  Man there are a lot of old guys racing little bikes.  I took a 3rd place in the cruiser and then after a crash in the 20 inch which I was able to get through some how.  I think it is my cat like reflexes and luck I took 5th in the 20inch when the dust settled.  It was fun and sorry Paul for running  your head and hands over.  I the end the good thing is that everyone was ok after the race and thanks to Sam we have some awesome pictures of the crash to laugh at for a long time to come.  This Sunday is the last indoor race of the season and man it feel like we just built the track yesterday.  But one of these days the weather should turn and we will be riding our bikes outside and racing in warm weather.  Not much else except I am sick of the cold weather we have.  See you on the road soon.  Later..

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