Friday, February 08, 2013

Cyclocross World Championships

Well it has been a week since we went to the Cyclocross World Championships in Louisville Kentucky last weekend.  I do have to say it was the best racing that I have ever had the chance to watch.  The racers at all levels were just amazing and fast.  They had moved the races that were to be held on Sunday to Saturday because the river was still raising and it was to crest 4 to 8 more feet by Sunday.  Good thing that they moved the races as the pictures on line of the river on Sunday showed that the entire bottom part of the race course was under water Sunday.  Plus it was great to watch all the races in 1 day and not have to worry about parking for 2 days and getting home real late on Sunday.  But I have to say the racing was awesome and I am so glad that we went and who knows it maybe another 30 years before the Cyclocross World Championships come back close enough to go and watch.  Here are the pictures I got before my batteries died.  I had more but they were in the hotel.  My loss.  Later..

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