Monday, January 28, 2013

just rolling along

Pictures by Sam and Guy.

Another week in the books.  Nothing really interesting happened except that it was another busy weekend at the barn racing the little bikes.  On Saturday Fixxie and I headed to the track and I raced the cruiser and 20 inch bikes.  I took a 2nd in the cruiser and then a 4th in the 20 inch.  got home late and then flipped it back and was at the track again for the State Qualifier race.  I took another 2nd place in the cruiser and a 1st place in the 20 inch race.  As always it was fun racing and hanging with the bmx family.

This weekend I am heading to the Cyclocross World Championships in Louisville Kentucky.  Lenny contacted me and a bunch of us are loading the Excursion and heading down to catch some of the best racing here in the USA.  It should be a good time and the racing should be over the top and fun.  We did get a VIP pass s we can have some front row seats with food and beer.  Can't wait.  I will get a ton of pictures.  Other then that it business as usual.  Later..

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