Monday, January 07, 2013

Rolling on the kids bikes

Pictures by Sam Gillis and Guy Cox.

Raced yesterday at the barn and as always it was a fun filled day on the kids bikes.  Nothing like old guys acting like little kids and having fun doing it.  I went there by myself as Maddie had a bunch of homework to do and she stayed home to get it done.  I raced both the cruiser and 20 inch again and even though the leg was a little tight and stiff still from the fall down the stairs 3 weeks ago.  Most of the bruising has gone away but there is still alot of stiffness as the hematoma is still pretty large but I think it is going away but since I see it everyday I don't know anymore.  But back to the racing and I made both mains and was in the lead in the cruiser but Jerry took a low high on me again in turn 2 and I ended up taking 2nd again in the cruiser race.  In the 20 inch race I was in the mix into the first turn but there was 6 of us going for a few spots and still healing and not really wanting to crash I tapped out and rolled in for 6th.  But as I say it is always a good day on the bike and racing a bunch of old guys on kids bikes.

Nate raced cyclocross over the weekend on Chicago.   Saturday Nate had a last row call up and there was a ton of racers and he moved his way up and got up to 36th.   I asked him how it was but all he said was I tried to move up but it was hard and he did his best. Then on Sunday he got a better call up and was able to connect to the back of the lead group but  few of the guys rolled off the back up a hill he Nate couldn't get around them so he just settled in with a group and they worked together until the last lap and Nate attacked them up a hill and rolled in for 10th.  Good racing before the Collegiate Cyclocross National Championships this weekend in Madison.  Can't wait to go and watch all the races this weekend.   Other then that nothing new.  Later..

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