Friday, January 11, 2013

USAC Collegiate Cyclocross National Championships

This weekend is the USAC Collegiate Cyclocross National Championships.  The are in Verona Wisconsin so it is going to be great to have the chance to go and watch Nate race this year.  He races on Sunday at 10:30 in the Division 1 championship race.  He is feeling pretty good on the bike and after his races last weekend he seems to be finding his form again.  The crazy thing about all the chatter that there would be a couple feet of snow and cold.  Well last year the same thing happened and the snow melted and then froze and the ground was all messed up with ruts and ice.  The same thing is happening this year and it looks like it is going to be a muddy icy hard race as the temps are supposed to be only a high of 20 on Sunday and really I think the course will as it is will not be ride-able.   But we will have to see.  Nate left today to go there to meet his coach and team and spend the rest of the weekend with them.  He also leaves after his races to go back to school so last night was his last night home for awhile.

Nothing really new except that the bruising from the fall down the stairs 4 weeks ago is almost gone and the leg is doing a lot better.  The leg is still alittle stiff in the mornings and after working all day but is is doing ton better and I am feeling better every time I am on the bike.  Well see you at the races.

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