Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cyclocross Nationals day 1

Today was a long cold, muddy day at the USAC Cyclocross National Championships.  I got up early and was able to get there by 8:00 to help a few of the ISCorp racers that were racing today.  I took care of Garrett's B bike and with the help of Chris, Jose and Matt we were able to keep Jose and Garrett on clean bikes each 1/2 lap.  Man was it muddy out there.  But Josey was able to pull out a 6th place finish and Garrett a 28th place.  Then I was able to take a little break and talk to Heather and her Dad before going back into the pits to help Max.  He then returned the favor by getting a 19th.  They all raced great and it was a blast helping today.  I then was able to talk and help Nate's coaches as they were done with their women racers and U23 so they were helping a friend of theirs by pitting for him.  What a great day playing in the mud.  The highlight was that Katie won the D1 women's race today with Coryn taking 5th along with the lead in the omnium for the D1 collegiate National Championships.  Also 2 of Nate's team mates Drew and Josh raced the U23 race.  Drew took 2nd and Josh 5th.  Nate races tomorrow at 10:30 in the D1 mens race.  With the freezing tempos tonight it should make the course crazy tomorrow even though they tried to smooth out alot of the ruts caused by the racing today.  But we are heading out early and watching the races all day awards at the end of the day too.  See you at the races.  Later..

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