Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cyclocross Nationals

Nate raced last weekend at the cyclocross National Championships.  He had a good start and was moving up and then slid out on the down hill and as he got up another racer ran into his rear derailer.  That jacked his bike up and he had to run for 1/2 a lap to get to the pits for his b bike.  But his race was over by then and he raced as hard as he could till he got pulled. Disappointing for sure but he kept his head up and supported his team and cheered as they raced past.  Well the end result was achieved as Marian University won the USAC Cyclocross Collegiate National Championships. It was fun being able to watch him race and hopefully we get the chance to cheer Nate and Marian University at more races.  Congrats to all the Marian University racers and the awesome job that they did over the weekend.  Later..

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