Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1 week

Nate has been gone for 1 week and we have heard from him a few times through texting and Cece once on the phone.  I think that is a good thing as it means he is busy with school and riding I hope, or he is locked up some where which I doubt.  But I know he has had a busy weekend of racing at the track and then school did start Monday so with the riding of 3 to 4 hours a day and school I am sure he is tired and just doesn't have call home on the top of his list.  I do remember being away at college and not contacting home for the first few weeks as I tried to figure the school load and wrestling into my life.  After awhile I called home a few days a week to keep my parents in the loop of knowing I was doing OK.  Nate and us will figure it out after awhile I am sure.  I know he is racing this weekend at Purdue and that is all I know.

Maddie finished her last day of working during the weekday last week so she won't miss anymore swim practice and I hope that will help her confidence at the swim meets. She looked rusty at the meet over the weekend and I know she was way better then how she swam.  Good things to come for sure at the next meets.  Jessica is just been helping Cece everyday at school as  Cece gets her classroom ready for the new school year.  Boy did the summer go by fast.  Me, just working away and trying to keep my head above water.  Later..

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