Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wedding time

Last night was the first of 4 weddings in the next few months.  Cece's cousin Cathy got married to Dave yesterday.  It was a beautiful day for a outdoor wedding which was right next to a river to top it off.  It was a nice night and really to bad that it was 2 hours away as I would have loved to stay longer and enjoy the night a little more but we still had a long drive home.  The next 3 are here closer to home so that will be nice.  Congrats Cathy and Dave.

I was able to get a 48 mile ride in yesterday with Casey to the Wind Point light house and back.  It was a nice tail wind there and then a real stiff head wind on the way back making us work alittle which was nice.  The only bummer was that Casey got 2 flats on the way down.  I had the spare stuff for one and I do carry patches so we had to patch the 2nd one.  We found out the problem after the 2nd flat which was his rim strip was not covering the entire nipple hole and it was causing the tubes to small holes in them.  But other then that it was nice to ride with someone yesterday.  Thanks Casey for the company.

Then yesterday was Nate's last Jr race around here as he will be in the Sr cat next year.  He raced the race in WCA race in Menasha and took 1st place in the Jr 17-18 race.  It was a nice way to end his jr racing for sure.  Thanks to ISCorp, WCJ Wire, Endeavor, Mike, Billy, Randy, Doug and Lowell for all your support and help over the last few years as we couldn't have done it with out you guys.  Now we move to the next chapter as we take Nate to Marian University in Indianapolis on Wednesday.  I hope that Nate can get all his stuff in order in the next 2 days as he has been putting it off.  I guess time will tell.  Later..

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