Friday, August 03, 2012

Track and stuff

Tuesday was another night at the track for Nate along with his ISCorp jr team mates to make sure that they won the Jr main event.  Then it was a few other races for fun.  These are some pictures that John linked me to of Nate at the races Tuesday night.  Awesome pictures.

Then it was the same old here as Cece has been working at her school getting her classroom set up for the coming up school year.  Back in the classroom teaching 5th grade and no more math teacher leader for the school.  Going to be some long nights for her again.

Maddie is working as a life guard and starts swim practice next week along with heer work.  Jessie has been going to school and helping Cece get her class in order and Nate has been riding, racing and getting the oil changes on the cars and truck done for me.  Tomorrow Maddie turns 17, wow Nate is 18 and no Maddie is 17.  Holy cow were did the time go?  Well time to get a few things done as Nate has a few more races to do over the weekend in Illinois.  Later.. 

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