Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nate at Marian University

We dropped Nate off at Marian University yesterday for his next chapter in his life.  The cyclist reported yesterday for the training camp and Nate for a freshman orientation later next week.  It is nice that he got there early as it gives him some time to settle in and get used to the campus and some life in the dorms before the real school starts and his racing goes full swing.  He had some track practice today and tomorrow and Saturday he races on the track right there in Indianapolis, that is nice not to have to travel to the races for a little bit.  It was a nice drive down with no real traffic issues and we got all 7 of his bikes there thanks to Billy for the use of his sprinter as it made it easy.  Once there we checked in at the cycling center and then moved him into his dorm.  Once that was all done we loaded up and headed home as Nate had a meeting and some baseline testing for concussions.  It is different in the house and Cece has talked to him and I think the girls miss him as they have no one to pick on.  Jessie moved into his room already last night not even letting it cool down.  I missed him as when I was getting ready for the group ride tonight it was different not getting 4 water bottles ready and putting 2 bikes on the roof rack.  It will settle in and I will be doing more riding with old guys again.  Just have to get used to it I guess.  Later..

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