Monday, July 30, 2012

Fast week

It was a busy week and then weekend after our trip to Canada.  It was a great time there and a experience that we won't soon forget.  Once we did the 19 hour drive home it was off to work to relax.  Tuesday was a trip to the track for some racing which was a fun night for sure.  Nate was still in his Jr gear from 2 years ago so maybe I will have to look at that and put him in a gear that lets him sprint better then spin out.  Plus his legs were a little tired after racing 700km the week before.  We may head there again this week but we will just have to wait and see what turns up.  Then it was some easy riding on Wednesday and finally doing the Thursday group ride which we have missed for the summer with all of Nate's racing and training.  It was a fun night and we will have to do more for sure, or I will for sure once Nate leaves for college in 2 weeks.  Then it was Nate loading up again and heading to Grand Rapids for some crit racing.  They got there and Max and Garrett raced the cat 3/4 race in which Max won and then Garrett took a 5th place.  After that race it was Nate, Peter, Max and Garrett racing the cat 1,2,3 race.  From the update's I got it was fast and alot of crashing.  Nate and Peter were in a crash right away and got up and got back in the race to get caught in or behind another one at the end of the race.  Just how racing goes sometimes.  Saturday was Cece's birthday and I was willing to cook or take her out but some teacher friends wanted to take her out so I was off the hook.  That was OK as Maddie had to work and I had to take to and from work and it worked out good that we were at home anyhow.  Then yesterday after my ride I did cook some meat on the grill and we had the family over for Cece's birthday.  SO in the end it all worked out.  I got 3 plus hours of riding in both Saturday and Sunday so that was nice and now we have to get Nate ready to go to college in 2 weeks.  Boy that time went fast.  I tell you though I go to work to relax as home life just flies by.  Later..

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