Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Stage 1

Today was a nice easy spin on the TT course in the morning before the ISCorp racers loaded the bus to go to the race.  Then the were off and then some hit the road and were out before they knew what happened.  Matt was done as he broke his bike, helmet and a few other things and tried to go on and made for like 60 km before he was picked up.  Then Max hit the deck to and never caught back onto the group and missed the time cut.  Joe missed the time cut to so those 3 are done racing.  Kaleb also crahed and chased for 15 km and was able to make it to the field and finished with them.  Nate was between the top 20 to 25 we think and then Peter was about 10 to 15 back from Nate and the Kaleb was about 20 to 25 back from Peter.  Today was a 117 km and tomorrow is a 106 km race before the tt and crit on Thursday.  Later..

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