Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 2 at the L'Abitabi

Day 2 at the race and it was the easy ride in the morning and then a team presentations before the street sprints.  Kaleb was the team racer and won his heats and then in the last qualifier and the guy in 3rd said Kaleb moved over blocking his advancement and it appeared he had not but the UCI official said he did and Kaleb was relegated to 2nd and did not make the final as he still had not gone all out and would had won the show.  I feel bad for Kaleb but now it is time for the real racing to start and I hope the boys take the frustration out in the road racing.  After the races we took the kids laundry so we could get it washed so they have clean clothes for more racing and hanging around.  Now it is time to relax before the real racing starts.  Later,,

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