Sunday, July 08, 2012

State crit

The ISCorp break.

Nate at the front of the break.

  Gage keeping the chase in check during the race.

Peter driving the pace in the team time trail formation in the race.

The victory formation across the line.

Kevin with the win, Max 2nd and Nate 3rd.

It was a nice day and a great course for the state crit.  Wish a few more of the Jr racers would show up and race but that is their choice as they miss a lot of good racing.  But in the end the ISCorp Jr racers got a break started on the 1st lap and kept the pedals turning and they turned it into a 5 man team time trial.  In the end Kevin took the win and then Max was 2nd, Nate was 3rd, Peter was 4th, Matt turned in a 5th and Joe was 6th and I think Gage took 7th.  A great sweep and a great team racing as always.

Then last night it was a nice visit with the Rodgers family as they were in town from their new home in Indiana.  I do miss riding and racing with John and wish he were around here racing his bike again.  Maybe some day it will happen.

Then today was a nice 2:45 in the saddle enjoying the weather and company.  I have to thank Billy and Doug, Mike, Katie and Randy for all that they are doing for the ISCorp jr kids and do have to say thanks as it would not be happening with out you guys.  Now it is time to go to the church festival for a few beverages after a great day on the bike.  Later..


Anonymous said...

Why would more Juniors show up when they know they will be outnumbered 3/2 to 1 versus ISCorp riders? It makes more since for them to race in open events were it is actually competitive and interesting.

Jay said...

It would be a great thing if they showed up. Being at the jr races are a open event as all the jrs are either a cat 5,4,3,2 and in some cases a few cat 1 racers. I think it is great that the ISCorp kids show up to race and support the WCA events. But I guess if the jr's coach or parents don't want to have them race the jr race it is to bad for the race promoters and sooner or later it will just go away, or give all the kids a medal and no place finish to keep all the other jr's happy. Good luck to all the other jr's who race later in the day as it is to bad that they really do miss some good races.