Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life as a racer

I guess Nate has earned his racer strips this summer as he went to Nationals and got crashed out in the crit and road race ending a long trip with some disappointment.  Then he was racing in Canada and was in the top 30 in all the road races and had a decent tt before the last day and was sitting nicely near the front to stay safe and then he got a flat tire and after getting a new rear wheel he was not able to close the gap that had formed.  That was to bad as he was sitting 39th and would have had a solid finish in the end.  After the flat he tried to catch but knew it was not to be and then finished and in the end had a what if feeling the flat did not happen how it could have unfolded.  But in bike racing that happens and you move on and just put it on the back burner.  I am so proud of how he handles so many situations that would just make me and others just ready to walk away and have a fit. Great job Nate.

Now it is time for the last few races in the area and then in 2 weeks move Nate to college. Where did the time go?  After Nate is gone I will be lost as my riding buddy will be gone.  I have been going through so many things that we have to get ready and then getting Nate there and driving away hoping he is prepared and ready for the next chapter in his life.  I know he will do well but there is still that outside factor that always pops up and I hope he makes the right decisions and continues to succeed in life and on the bike.   Well time to get some work done.  Later..

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