Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Riding with Professional Cyclist Michael Barry from Team SKY

Today thanks to Billy Jones some of the ISCorp jr cyclists and myself got to do a training ride with professtional cyclist Michael Barry from Team SKY.  He is in town wife his wife and family for a break before his next race.  His wife Dede Demet is from Milwaukee so they came in for a visit.  Billy ran into them at Alterra the other day and has riden with them a few times and arranged a ride today for the Jr raiders.  It was a nice ride up to Port Washington and back.  It was a nice pace as Michael and Billy spent the most at the front making it a brisk but very comfortable pace for us as we got to sit in.  But being 108 on the road it was a hot box sitting in and at times the sweat was pouring off like a faucet.  But in the end it was a great ride and Michael is very cool guy and easy going.  Thanks Billy for making it happen and Michael Barry for letting us hang on.  Good luck the rest of the year Michael.  Later..

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