Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What we did yesterday

The holiday dome.

Us 3 as Maddie would not be in the picture. Teenage girls I tell you, Nate is in Arizona riding his bike.

Huge puffer fish that kept coming up by us by the aquarium.

Big fish.

The girls holding things by the tank.

Yesterday we took some time to go to the Domes and look at the awesome plants that they have inside. It was nice as it had been a few years since I had been inside to see them. It was a fun time and a must do for anyone in the area. Then after that we went to Discovery World and thanks to Ken we got the special tour of where his office is and then the behind the doors look at the giant aquariums. It is a awesome operation and the fish and tanks are huge. It was a fun day and then when we got home it was clean up areas of the house form the weekend. Today is more of the same and get ready for the Holiday open house this Thursday we are hosting. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood from 2 till ? Later...

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