Sunday, January 23, 2011


Pictures taken by Sam.

Nate and I raced the double point race yesterday in which Nate took a 2nd in open and a 2nd in cruiser, he didn't make the main in class. I took a 4th in cruiser and a 2nd in class. Then we stayed with the Yanke family and thanks again guys for the night as it saves the drive home and back. Then this morning it was back to the barn for some more racing. It was the State Qualifier and Nate took a 3rd in cruiser and class and came unclipped coming out of the gate in the open. I took a 3rd in class and missed making the main in cruiser. Then it was get home for the game in which Nate and I did a roller workout so he can go to Rays tomorrow. Have to get the training in as the road season is coming up fast. It was a blast watching the game while riding making the time fly by. Now we get 2 weeks of Packers this and that before the Super Bowl but that is OK. Well time to get a few things done. Later..

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