Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Belgium trip

Nate sent a message to day and said that Kevin is recovering and his Dad is there which is awesome.  Kevin had been on a training ride with the group of racers and his chain had dropped causing him to crash.  He hit the ground and hit his face and mouth directly and caused some good cut to the mouth area and nose area.  He also lost a few teeth in the process.  He was taken to the hospital were he received great care and they are watching over him yet to ensure everything is progressing properly.  He should return to the US in a few days for more continued care.  All looks like it is going good and Kevin should be on the road to recovery.

Nate said that Belgium is awesome and he is having a great time.  He said that the team went to the race course that they are going to do the stage race this weekend and that they road much of the roads that they are racing on.  Nate said that it is going to be a fun race and can't wait to do the race.  He said the food is great and the city that they are staying in is real nice.  I wonder if Nate will ever want to come home?  That is all I have.  Later..

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