Monday, May 14, 2012

Update on Kevin

The news that I have gotten was that they were not racing but on a ride and Kevin crashed and hit his face on the ground and suffered some good cuts to his mouth area.  He has also lost a few teeth during the accident which were located and sent along with him to the hospital.  A plastic surgeon was called and who then put Kevin back together and placed the teeth back in attached to a bridge from what I understand from Kevin's Dad.  Kevin was still in the hospital last night and was to be released today.  Kevin is going to watch the rest of the races while there to be sure that he heals and that if he had a concussion that all that heals too.  I pray that everything heals fast and that Kevin is back in the saddle soon.  Also that Nate stays safe and takes care of Kevin as much as he can and has a few more successful races while there.  Later..

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