Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nate race update

Nate sent a message home that with Kevin hurt and a few other teammates ill that his team pulled out the the stage race that they were going to do this weekend.  SO he will be doing a few more 1 day races to make up for the stage race being dropped.  A real bummer but he can still fit in a bunch of other races and have some fun.  1 more week of fun for Nate and then back to reality here at home.

For anyone else the Thursday group ride leaves at 6pm from now on and we do the regular route.   Last night Jessie and I rode the tandem in the Waukesha ride of Silence.  Thanks Waukesha Bike Alliance for hosting it. It was a nice ride and it was great that Jessie came along.  Thanks Jess.

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