Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Nate is on his way.

Nate and Kevin are on their way to Belgium for some road racing against some other 17-18 year old road racers for the next 2 weeks.  They left from O'Hare this afternoon and thanks to Kevin's Dad for taking the kids to the airport today.  The flight is 8 1/2 hours there plus the 6 hours they loose so they should be a little tired when they get there.  Nate did text me and say that the lady at the ticket counter gave them a deal on the bikes and only charged them for 1 bike and put both on.  Thanks for the hooking the kids up and saving me some money.  I am hoping that Nate takes some pictures and posts them on Facebook so I can take them and post them to my page and blog.  So look here and on Facebook for some updates.

Maddie passed her lifeguard test over the weekend so in a couple of weeks she has another meeting and should find out what pool or beach she will be working at this summer along with working nights at Summerfest so she will be a little busy for sure.

Tonight we went out to Cafe Centraal  for teacher appreciation week.  We love the food there and I can say  I could eat there everyday of the week as the girls had slidders and I had a BLT with a fried egg on it.  So hug a teacher and them thanks for all the hard work they do.  Not it is time for some ice cream.  Later..

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